ANTM Cycle 18: Winner Prediction

Tyra Banks, the curiously humorous reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, is back with her flagship CW show, AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL 18: BRITISH INVASION, and here is a heterosexual male who is watching for the first time- both true statements despite all evidence to the contrary- making an early prediction to the outcome. Prepared to be simultaneously over and underwhelmed? You always are, baby. It’s why I love  sorta like you.


Louise Watts (UK)



Kyle Gober (US)

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5 thoughts on “ANTM Cycle 18: Winner Prediction

  1. thetvduck says:

    No way. Louise will stay for a while just to shake things up a little, but she has to go. ANTM has to be likeable. I predict: 3. Azmarie, 2. Ashley, 1. Kyle

    • Joseph Five says:

      No way! Louise is 1. physically stunning, 2. great at modeling, 3. “plus-sized” which gives her the niche appeal, 4. a personality, which is great for drama/ratings, 5. very likable, despite what you say. Furthermore, 6. The world revolves around me and my preferences.

      She’s going to win. I place my future viewership of ANTM on it.
      Okay, maybe she should lose…
      But she won’t!

    • Joseph Five says:

      I know. I understand the drastic asininity of that mental image, but that’s what was said on the first episode. The U.S. has one, Seymone, and Louise is the U.K.’s representative on that front. Perhaps the mean waist size of women in the United Kingdom makes it so that she’s on the line of being larger, or something? Regardless, I sincerely doubt she misspoke.
      First episode, starting at 11:33.


  2. thetvduck says:

    Mmmmh, now I remember. I am still in shock though.

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